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Sean Mac Bride Lecture

Rediscovering the role of the forester in Ireland’s native woodlands

Theatre G08, Agriculture Building, UCD

This event will accrue 15 CPD points for Foresters participating on the CPD programme

All are welcome

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Our native woodland resource has emerged as an important component of Irish forest policy, delivering a wide variety of clearly recognised (if not yet fully quantified) ecosystem services in the areas of biodiversity, water, carbon, wood and non-wood products, and amenity. While foresters’ expertise and
involvement in the area are growing, there may still exist a certain reticence
within the profession regarding the relevance of native woodlands and the
forester’s role in their management.

This lecture explores possible misconceptions regarding native woodlands and their place in mainstream forestry, and in doing so, challenges foresters to take their place alongside woodland ecologists in ‘owning’ this space. Doing so will expand the role of the forester, open up greater opportunities for pursuing Government targets, and will create a stronger link between the profession and  wider society, which is placing ever more value on native woodlands and the ecosystem services they deliver.

During this event, Dr John Cross, Ecologist (formerly National Parks &
Wildlife Service) and Kevin Collins (Forestry Inspector, DAFM and former
Editor of Irish Forestry), co-authors of the 2017 publication Management
Guidelines for Ireland’s Native Woodlands, will take participants through the
complexity of native woodland ecology and management, in the hope of
dispelling any lingering doubts about the role of the forester in the stewardship of this vital national resource.