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ITGA/IForUT Ecology Forest Walk

Walk through Clonad's Award Winning Woodlands and learn from our local experts. The walk will be led by local plant ecologist, Fiona Devery

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This event is worth 15 CPD points for participants registered on the SIF CPD programme

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Clonad woodlands are managed for sustainable timber production and also to protect and enhance their biodiversity and other environmental features and to encourage and foster associated flora and fauna. There is a particularly wide diversity of tree species, ages and woodland types here with Oak, Ash, Birch, Alder, Willow, Beech, Maple, Sycamore, Hazel, Holly and Elder present along with a range of commercial conifers and other species. As an environmental/conservation measure no herbicides are used in Clonad.

On this woodland walk, ecologically important woodland trees, shrubs and habitats will be highlighted and outlined including areas of highest ecological value, including our present woodland species and also looking at remnants of former woodlands and the shrub layer. Fiona Devery will talk on woodland plant ecology and outline how these woodlands can contribute to the local ecology. The river Clodiagh flows through part of the woodland and will be a particular feature on our riverside walk. Wildlife present in Clonad woodlands include, Red squirrel, Pine Martin, Stoats, Badgers, Foxes, Buzzards, Jay's, Kingfisher and many others and resources have been allocated to biodiversity conservation in Clonad. The forest manager, Donal Whelan and IForUT foresters, Stacey Bradley & Oisin Meagher, will outline how forest management practices in Clonad protect the existing ecology, habitats and water quality.

Wild Deer: Colonel Wolfgang Wolter will give a talk on deer management in Clonad Woodlands.

Christian Brennan, a neighbour and forester will outline some tree species in Clonad that contribute to the local ecology.

Registration is required to receive directions to the meeting point in Clonad.

Participants should be aware that some group photos of the Walk will be taken during this walk. Group photos will be taken from a reasonable distance or from the side/back and may be used as a record of the event in our ITGA Newsletters and Yearbook and on the ITGA Facebook page and website.