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ITGA Field Day, Killegar, Carrigallen, Co Leitrim

In association with Western Forestry Co-op
Field day to Killegar Estate, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim

Non ITGA members notify in advance of attendance

Eircode: H12 CH90

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Killegar Estate has been the home of the Godley family since 1813 and comprises of 375 acres of farmland and woodlands. The woodlands are incredibly diverse and include mature broadleaf woodland, semi mature broadleaf and semi mature conifer woodland. They represent a showcase for woodlands potential on such sites.

During our morning session we will visit part of the site which has also been used as a research/trial area over the last 23 years. There are twenty 0.1 hectare plots planted in 1996 with a variety of species including Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Western Red Cedar, Oak, Ash, Beech, Hornbeam, Horse Chestnut, and Cherry to name a few. These trials will give members valuable insight into options for planting more diverse species on Leitrim and similar lands. There is also an area of old woodland that has undergone the Native Woodland Conservation Scheme some years ago and we will discuss various future possibilities for this area. This is an ideal site to explore the theory of “the right trees in the right place”. Growth rates, stem quality and market potential will be discussed in addition to the woodland management regime. There will also be a forest mycology and wild fungi walk through part of the estate as this was the home of the International Mushroom Festival.

Lunch –Participants are advised to take along a picnic lunch which we can have on site.

We will visit a semi mature commercial conifer site which was planted in 2000 with Sitka spruce, Japanese larch and additional broadleaves. A road was constructed here and the area was also thinned in 2019. The road is on a steep gradient and the challenges and construction costs on such gradients will be discussed. Thinning procedures and operations will also be discussed at this site.