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Midlands Field Day

This event will accrue 30 CPD points

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Field day – Veon

Learning Objectives

* Dissemination of information on Biomass harvesting in SS/JL mixture and Norway spruce

* Bridge construction

* Forest road construction

* Late thinning of Oak SP mixtures

Economics plays a key role in deciding whether or not owners will thin their forest. For the majority of owners, unless the operation can be done profitably they will not thin. Bioenergy is an increasingly important product from the forest and one for which demand is rapidly increasing. Traditional harvesting methods leave behind a significant amount of woody biomass which, if extracted, can be sold as part of the energy assortment of the harvesting operation.

This field day aims to demonstrate ‘integrated harvesting’ in Sitka spruce/Japanese larch and Norway spruce stands where, in addition to traditional wood products, a bioenergy assortment is removed. On suitable site types it has been shown that significant additional volume can be safely removed from the forest, thus making the first thinning operation profitable. The event will also look at late thinning in an Oak/Scots pine plot where the Scots pine is removed as a bioenergy assortment.

Very often the cost of road construction can determine whether a site is thinned or not. This event will look at bridge construction over a significant river and associated harvest road construction.