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Irish Timber Growers Association Field Day, Inagh, Co Clare

The Crowes planted most of their 102 acres (41.2 hectares) of farm woodlands in 1996 with direct labour undertaking most of the work themselves including follow up maintenance.
On the field day we will look at sections of the crop with different thinning and respacing intensities and outline the various methods employed.

Non-members wishing to attend this ITGA field day are requested to contact the ITGA Secretary by email

This event is worth 30 SOIF CPD points

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Some areas within the 23 year old spruce crop have been thinned 3 times with a resulting positive response in girth increment and with one particular spruce of c. 20 metres in height and 44 cm diameter at breast height. We will also look at importance of good forest roads and infrastructure to management.

In 2018, a small felling coupe of 2 hectares was harvested in the then 22 year old crop which yielded c. 1140 cubic metres of roundwood plus c. 340 cubic tonnes of biomass.

In 2004 c. 45 acres of the forest was destroyed by fire. The family were away at the time, however, there was a fire plan in place and having someone on the property and this fire plan were instrumental in ensuring that a larger area of forest was saved. We will discuss the fire plan and look at a small reservoir that was put in place to assist in fighting future fires.

There has been some recent windblow in the woodlands and we will discuss future management practices. Also, Pat is a plumber by trade and we will look at an impressive Herlt Wood Gasification Boiler that Pat installed which heats two houses from some of the forest pulpwood. 

The Falls Hotel have recently constructed a hydro electric turbine to harness energy from the waterfall on the hotel grounds. Members will be given a guided tour of this hydro plant after our AGM